GRC 10 Remote Control

GRC 10 Remote Control

Now anyone in your plane can conveniently control XM Satellite Radio using the GRC 10 remote control and GRT 10 wireless transceiver (purchased separately). Together, these units control the GDL 69A's XM radio features such as volume, channel selection, category selection and more.

Give Backseat Flyers Control

The GRC 10 in conjunction with the GRT 10 give passengers control over your plane's XM Satellite radio without operations from the pilot, copilot or avionics suite. Now anyone can scan through their favorite XM radio channels and view entertainment information without disturbing the pilot.

View and Tune Entertainment

The GRC 10 and GRT 10 let you adjust the volume of XM Radio, change the channel and view entertainment information such as category, artist and song title from anywhere in the cabin — regardless of which direction the remote is pointed. This bi-directional remote communicates with the GRT 10 via a 2.4 GHz RF signal and displays channel descriptions, artist names and song titles on its high-contrast, 160 x 128-pixel, backlit display. The GRC 10 uses 2 AA batteries and turns itself off during periods of inactivity. The controller also has a handy "PREV" button to easily flip between 2 channels.

Install and Enjoy

This remote control system must be installed in the airplane and connected to the GDL 69A's serial port. The GRC10 remote control operates off of two AA batteries for up to 130 hours of operation. The remote’s auto-off function helps preserve battery life.